Business Process Modeling
Digital transformation is causing tremendous changes across the business world. As competition becomes more intense, customer expectations rise and markets evolve faster than ever, businesses today are being forced to rethink their business processes.
To navigate these challenges, businesses need to work smarter, not harder. And one way they can work smarter is by carefully managing the content and key processes that lies at the heart of their business.
By effectively managing your content with Cloud Content Management, you can reduce organizational friction, increase the speed of innovation and have the agility to succeed in digital age.
At Dataworks Analytics, we deploy the most advanced and current BPM tools and techniques to help your organisations map out current state business processes and workflows. These are presented in simply visual forms which enable your organisations to visualize, understand, and analyse their processes and make better decisions to deploy the positive and desired future states.
Robotics Process Automation (RPA) deployments have been a popular approach to replacing repetitive human task with UI task automation. However, there is the widespread and prevalent issue of scaling RPA deployments which can often times expose the abundance of hassles and hitches.
Don’t worry –DATAWORKS ANALYTICS is here to help!
We can help to modernize and future-proof your approach to RPA, including best practices on how to:
Do large scale RPA deployments without breaking anything
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